Family Pictures

Here are some pictures I grabbed out of my desktop iPhoto. I arranged them more or less in chronological order, the first one having been taken around the time of John's second marriage. Myra looks like she always looked---absolutely stunning. I was so fortunate to call her my friend. John, too, though I did not know him well until after Myra died. I write about both Myra and John in Black and White Bible.

Another important character in the book is Carlton. Here he is, August 28, 2004, walking his mother down the aisle, or rather back porch steps.

Flower girls for the occasion are granddaughter Kayla, on the right, and brand new granddaughter Ashley.

Groom looks way too serious!
A Dozen Years Later........

Carlton and beloved dog Tank
Kayla, Editor-in-Chief of college newspaper

John's gorgeous Mother and Daughters
I love this picture taken at Mom's 100th birthday, July 7, 2015. Sarah and Laura look exactly like they do in person, as does Mom---very smiley, good-natured and fun to be around.

Below are 3 really cool grandkids: Mitch our college man and siblings Ashley and Zach.

Here a 70-year-OLD lady who doesn't know how to act her age!