In 2000, I became the first full-time female professor in Calvin Theological Seminary’s 125-year history. In 2003, a new three-man administration, without warning, removed me from tenure track and gave me a terminal appointment. I was single and fifty-seven. That decision set me reeling. I was stunned and shamed. In the weeks and months that followed, I was sabotaged, sandbagged, slandered, silenced and surveilled, all the while enduring sex discrimination, spiritual abuse, slut-shaming and chicanery of every stripe. The book points to documents every step of the way. In fact, I still find it amazing that the administrators didn't shame and slander and threaten me verbally instead generating hundreds of emails, memos, and letters, leaving a massive paper trail. I carried on with my teaching, trying to pretend to my students that I was as perky as I'd always been, while just trying to keep my head above water. All the while I filed the documents away for safekeeping---documents that show blatant dishonesty and that prompted outside independent mediation that came down so soundly on my side. The book is not just a sad story. It is often upbeat and even funny. And I tell the stories of other professors who have endured similar ordeals in the face of dishonest administrators. There is much more information, including lengthy quotes from the book at Fired at 57.